Thursday, 19 February 2015

February Half Term

We’ve driven to my mum and dad’s house again for the bulk of the Half Term week. It makes life easier for me, as I’ve said before, since I can work uninterrupted during the time mum can take care of J for me.

I don’t work Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, so we drove down on Tuesday afternoon since I was feeling a bit peaky on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. We arrived and unpacked and had dinner with my mum when she got in from work. Soon it was bedtime for us both, (after 100-odd miles of driving I tend to sleep well!).

On Wednesday we went to a local park. We parked in Sainsburys and went in to buy chocolate buttons on the way to the park, and used the travelator to get to the store from the carpark level we were on – he thought it was utterly magical and was transfixed, then in typical J fashion he zoned out as we reached the top so despite me saying “You’ve got to step off at the top, OK? Ready? Steady? Now!” he was on another planet and just pitched forwards at the top when his trainers met the grating!

When we got to the park, the same one that I used to go to with my nan and granddad, and my auntie Z with my younger brother and my cousins, though it’s had quite a facelift since then! I was amazed to find a lovely huge open field area, as well as a skate park, (contained within fences) a full size basketball court (also contained, and including cage-style lockers for the players to put their bags) there is now a smaller gated park for younger children, as well as a larger, more adventure-style playground for older kids. J had a whale of a time in there, giving me heart failure as he leapt fearlessly along stepping-stone style bridges five foot high between two parapets; quite casually leaping onto a firemans pole and effortlessly spinning his way to the bottom of it; shouting “Mummy look!” at the point of jumping / leaping / climbing somewhere that seems awfully high and all the time I’m too far away to stop him / catch him if I wanted to! It was an absolutely lovely day though, spent with my darling boy who is suddenly so grown up.

After a couple of hours of heart failure and standing in the freezing February sunshine getting my perfectly ‘done’ hair all whipped into a frenzy, I eventually called it a day and we headed back over the field to the car. At home we cooked shepherds pie, ate with my mum and J went to bed. Mum and I sat up watching Judge Judy for a while before we headed to bed ourselves.

Today I had to work. The morning was bright, with blue skies and sunshine, but dammit I had to work, so I installed J in front of the TV watching Horrid Henry on the CITV channel, and I started. As is always the way when I’m trying to work and I have J to take care of, he likes to interrupt as often as possible. Today was no different. He ate everything possible, because every time I sat down and tried to get on, he asked for something else to eat, or drink. As soon as I thought he was settled, he’d ask for a different program to watch, swapping from Peter Rabbit on iPlayer to Thomas on YouTube and back to Horrid Henry on CITV more times than I could count, purely so I was devoting my attention to what he wanted me to do, and not to what I wanted to do.

By dinnertime, though I’ve got everything done and I’m caught up, I feel like I should have done more somehow today given my sickness on Monday and not being able to do as much as I’d hoped to then, but even so I’ve got tomorrow and the weekend to work as well. Tomorrow mum is off work, so I can concentrate while she takes J off somewhere, or creates space monsters with Play Doh and spaghetti, or make an early start on easter cards, or something. I’ll be able to get loads done and feel like I’ve actually contributed something this week!

On that note, it’s time for me to go and do some more work, so I’ll love you and leave you and hope that you’re all having a lovely half term.

Thursday peace & love,

Mummy P xxx

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