Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Bit Of A Random Post

So, it’s been ages since my last post, and for that I must apologise. Once again, between working full time, running around like a madwoman after my 4 yr old whirlwind and finding time to fit in essentials like sleeping and eating, everything else has taken a backseat.

Added to that, there hasn’t been much going on – much more of the same old, same old. Fortunately for me, my sickness has now subsided (Hooray!) but work has been exceptionally busy with some new laws coming into place about carseats which have confused the hell out of the general public thanks to some very badly worded statements released by the government, Which? and other companies who really should know better how to word things to be easily understood.

My beautiful niece A and my sister in law J have been staying with my in-laws since A’s surprise early arrival at the beginning of March, so it’s meant I’ve been able to see much more of them than I would have done if they were at home, which has been lovely. I’m fortunate to get along well with J, and enjoy having a catch up with her and of course getting some cuddles with A! At just over six weeks old she is now a little over five pounds, is eating well and coming along beautifully. We went to the Norfolk Bump, Baby & Toddler event a couple of weeks ago together with high hopes of finding some bargains and some lovely things, but unfortunately we both came out empty handed as there simply wasn’t the  range of products we’d anticipated there. It’s a relatively new show – this year was only the fourth year it’s been on – so hopefully it will grow and develop and become a wonderful big show, but for J and I that won’t be while we’re still shopping for bump or baby bits, which is a shame. I have really enjoyed having J and A so close by and being able to see them frequently, but as A gets bigger and healthier and J recovers well from her surgery I know they will be going home soon and I am sad at the thought! Though I know J must be missing her husband and their son loads (she’s not been home since Christmas, though they’ve come up to visit as much as possible) in a selfish way I want her to stay here longer!

I spoke to my brother the other night and am delighted that he has found himself another job – he has been out of work since his contract ended with his last firm at the end of February, so while it has technically only been 9 weeks he has a wife and they have a daughter to consider, and I know he has been finding it difficult to cope as his wife doesn’t work and he was really feeling the pressure. Fortunately it seems this new job has ticked all the boxes, and is close to home for him as well, so I am keeping everything crossed that it works out well for him and he ends up with a permanent contract and many happy times ahead with the company. Their daughter, my niece R, celebrated her first birthday in March but I’ve not been well enough to travel down to visit them and they haven’t been up to visit us, so it’s been a while since I last saw her – since half-term in Surrey in fact, when we stayed at mums house and they came round to visit on our last day there. It’s a shame as I’d love to see them more often but with over 100 miles between our homes it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

Easter was great fun, with an Easter-egg hunt for J and his cousin A at my in-laws house on the Monday, after J had spent the weekend with my parents at their caravan, but the Easter holidays themselves I was working so poor J ended up not doing a whole lot apart from watching films and playing with Lego at home, since I didn’t have the opportunity to take him out as I’d hoped, due to work commitments. That’s why for the next half term, at the end of May, I’ve requested some holiday from work so that I can take him away for a few days and we can enjoy some time together and hopefully some sunshine!

This weekend we’ve been invited to a My Little Pony themed birthday party – the son of one of my best friends is celebrating his fourth birthday and is mad about My Little Pony so I am hunting down a Twinkle Sparkle or an Applejack for his birthday present and am looking forward to catching up with his mum, as I rarely get to see her (again thanks to the distance between our homes) and we have much to discuss!

Well, Daddy P and myself are now going to watch the second of The Hobbit trilogy films, as a rare treat before I spent tomorrow having blood samples taken in hospital! (Oh the joys!)

Peace N Love,

Mummy P