Monday, 1 February 2016

Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus 3 - Update

Since Baby A was born last August, I've been mostly using the Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus 3 chassis with the Folding Carrycot accessory - personal choice, the Mura Plus 3 is approved for use from birth, if you use the parent facing & most reclined seat position or if you use a Maxi-Cosi carseat on the chassis.

I love the carrycot, I must say. It looks smart and the fabric is good quality, the build feels solid. The Folding Carrycot has a lovely thick mattress and Baby A has always slept really well in it. The sun canopy provides great cover even from low winter sun, the apron and the poppers at the top to hold the fabric well up and in place even on the windiest of days, and the raincover which just slid over the whole carrycot with elasticated ease. My favourite feature has been the ability to fold it flat with such ease. Its meant that at times when we've been going out in the car, but we'll be out a while so I want Baby A to be extra comfortable, I have been able to put the chassis and carrycot in the boot of my car. Its then quick and easy when you get to your destination and unfold the carrycot again and its ready to go. I loved this feature and its good news now the carrycot is being stored away now its not going to be used anymore.

I feel a bit sad because its another part of Baby A not being quite such a little baby anymore. Sorting out his clothes has been difficult too - when he went from Tiny Baby to Newborn, then slowly onto 0-3 months ... We're on the 6-9 month size now, and he fills the Folding Carrycot when he's wearing his snowsuit for the school run so we've changed over to the seat unit.

In the box with the Mura Plus 3 chassis you get the seat unit, sun canopy, t bar, parasol clip, raincover and instructions. The Maxi-Cosi footmuff fits the Mura Plus 3 and is purchased as an additional accessory. 

All you need to do is fit the sun canopy to the seat unit, which is very simple - the black clips either side of the sun canopy slide into the black slots on either side of the seat unit, with an elasticated back section on it then attaches to it with a loop of elastic which goes around the seat adjustment handle to hold it in place regardless of which recline position the seat unit is in. Once this is done the seat can be clicked into the chassis - parent or world facing.

The Footmuff is a good size, very thickly padded and has a zip down one side and around the bottom as well as the buttons to provide extra decoration and adjust the fit of the footmuff. The outer fabric of this colour has a distinct denim type feel of thickness and durability while the inner grey fabric is a soft jersey material. It feels cosy and comfortable and I am looking forward to using it.

February 2016

Its been so long since I did a post! I  never used to think life could be so busy but speaking now as a mum of two I don't know where the time goes. Somehow we are already in February. Hopefully though you've been seeing my Facebook and Twitter updates, so you know that things around here have been pretty hectic. It hasn't been a deliberate break as such but with so much going on something had to give.

Currently we are just starting Baby A on food other than milk ... He has grown out of his Moses basket and has been in a crib for the past few weeks ... We are today swapping the carrycot to the pushchair seat and I feel a bit sad that my baby boy is no longer a tiny dinky dot. J is excelling at school with reading and problem solving - we have just had a brilliant weekend at my parents house where he was on top form and really enjoyed himself.

We had a busy but enjoyable Christmas with lots of gifts from our very generous family & friends for the boys (and a shiny new exhaust for me - or rather, for my car - but thats another story!) We'll be exploring and writing about lots of brilliant babies and kids products, including My Puppy Scout from Leapfrog and Follow Me Fiona from TinyLove. As Baby A moves into the seat unit from the carrycot of his Mura Plus 3 travel system I'll be telling you all about that, too.

As Baby A moves onto solids we're in the market for a highchair, so send me your recommendations! I need something wipe clean and that folds easy for storage - it will be used in my already squashed front room so being able to put it out of the way easily after use is essential.

We've had an uppy-downy time recently but we're focusing on the positive for 2016 and starting from 1st Feb I'll be doing #threegoodthings where I select a photo of the day and write three good things that happened that day. It helps to focus on the positives in life and I'm all for that.

"Every day may not be special,
But there is something special in every day"

Peace & Love

Mummy P