Sunday, 22 February 2015

3 Good Things - Day 2 - 20.02.15

My photo for today is J with a pirate mask and cutlass. He's pirate mad, loves the Lego game Pirates of the Caribbean and the films, and when he went on a day trip with my mum to a farm local to her house and in the gift shop they had pirate masks and cutlasses for sale, of course that's what J wanted.


- Got lots of work done
- Yummy dinner
- Nice cuddles & bedtime stories
As mum took J out for the day I was left to my own devices and managed to get loads of work done, uninterrupted. Dinner was really simple - I chucked a pizza in the oven but it was really good! Then J and I had nice cuddles and bedtime stories before he went to sleep. I feel lucky when bedtime goes well a few times in a week as when it goes nicely it's a lovely little bit of time to spend with him.

Love N Hugs

Mummy P xxx

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