Sunday, 22 February 2015

3 Good Things - Day 3 - 21.02.15

Today was a really rare treat - my brother, his wife and their daughter came to my mum and dads house for a visit before J and I left to go home after our half term stay with mum and dad.

We don't get to see them that often - the journey from my house to their house takes me around 2.5 hrs if I go door to door. If I stop on the way and collect my parents, then it takes around 3 hrs. Usually J is so excited about seeing them, because we don't often see them, that by the time we get there he's bursting with excitement, which usually results in some kind of explosion or meltdown at some point during our visit with them. This tends to put a bit of a mood on things, generally speaking. We can never stay too long, as I have to be careful not to let it get too late - J needs to have his dinner and be going to bed relatively promptly otherwise he really goes downhill fast. He's a child of habit, and if I break his routine he does get quite stroppy about it.

My niece, R, hasn't visited mum and dads house since my mums birthday last May, when R was just 2 months old (so she doesn't remember it!) She was thrilled to discover that there was a cat in residence - and more to the point, the cat was willing to remain where he was and allow her to pet him. She waved her hands, wriggled her toes, smiled and cooed in pleasure as she sat on her daddy's lap and fussed the cat.

I sat snapping photos and out of them I really liked this one. The cat looks so completely chilled in the background it's hard to believe the same animal was running away from J at the same age R is now because he was so unsure! Just goes to show how things can change if an animal has fair opportunity to get used to the idea.


* Lunch with family *
* Saw my gorgeous niece *
* Good drive back home *

Lunch was lovely - mum cooked sausage rolls and chicken bites, we had crisps and crackers and lots of nibbles, and my sister in law E made chocolate brownies (absolutely lush chocolate brownies, I must say!) I saw my gorgeous niece, and as she approaches her 1st birthday she has changed so much since New Years Day when I last saw her, but every time I see her I think she gets more beautiful. She was so very good fussing the cat, as well, being very lovely and gentle as her daddy directed her. It's a long drive from mums house back to my house (just over 100 miles) but we left shortly after 4pm and arrived around 6.30pm - slight delays, as always, on the M25 at Dartford and a couple of patches where there was no apparent reason for everyone acting like a donut but they all were - so it delayed us slightly, but on the whole it was a good straightforward drive. 

My good things continued yesterday - I got home to find Daddy P had done the housework, and he'd visited the fish and chip shop in anticipation of our arrival and brought home dinner! He then put J to bed so I could put my feet up after my long drive, and we watched episodes of House while I worked. It was a lovely calm, cosy evening and just what I needed last night.

Peace N Love

Mummy P xxx

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