Wednesday, 20 May 2015



As a family, we tend to get early evening time together, between Daddy P coming home from work and J going to bed, and it’s then that we spend time doing what J decides he’d like to do. Many evenings have seen us sitting here building things from Lego; sometimes we watch a film; but J does like his video games, and he does enjoy time spent with both of us playing them.

Bearing in mind his Lego obsession, Daddy P has previously got him the Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and other Lego games to play. A few weeks ago, he picked up Minecraft, without really knowing a huge amount about it, but liking the look of it for J, and the description.

For those of you who have, so far, escaped the madness of Minecraft, it is one of those things that suddenly encompasses all. J wants to spend every available moment playing – which I don’t let him, but the obsession is that strong. And if he doesn’t want to play it, he wants to watch YouTube videos of it – his favourite being StampyCat, the same as many other fans. The thing is, this has become equally as popular as playing the game itself - how crazy is that?

When I went shopping for him recently, I picked up a Minecraft t shirt and a sweatshirt and he was over the moon (the t shirt has been one of those wear it, wash it, wear it again ones that is his current favourite) My list of birthday present options include combining his two favourite things - Lego & Minecraft.

The thing is, with this game, both Daddy P and myself will play for hours without getting bored, too. It’s not like the Lego games where after a short amount of time we’re ready for it to be over; this game, despite the basic appearance with the blocky graphics, is totally addictive. We’re creating huge houses – we just use the creative mode, not the survival mode – and J is learning things like the fact that water turns lava into rock.

At the moment it would appear Daddy P is building an island for his latest architectural masterpiece while Jacob combines the elements of red clay and concrete for a modern striped beach house. I'm off to watch and offer interior design assistance ...

Peace, Love & Mooshrooms,

Mummy P


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