Friday, 8 May 2015

Updated Images

I felt like changing the photos on my page for an updated set.

Here's my newest banner.

Featuring my current favourite photo of myself, a cheeky shot of J, Lady O doing her best princess impression, Boy Dog looking sheepish and Girl Dog looking lazy - that sums up our household right now!

We're having a big turf out at our house at the moment. We've lived here 7 years now and in all that time we've just accumulated stuff, we haven't chucked a lot out, so now we're three people in a three bedroom house with two dogs and a dragon and we've got junk up to our eyeballs! Enough is enough! So I am slowly but surely working my way through the mountains of stuff and trying to get rid of all I can. It doesn't help that Daddy P is a hoarder.  My attitude is, chuck it. If you haven't used in in 6 months and it's gathering dust, chuck it. Daddy P prefers to keep things "just in case" The trouble is, his "just in case" places are the loft, or one of his three sheds, and now they're all full and there's still more "just in case" items, I'm finally winning him round. Last night he conceded we may as well chuck the ancient old PC monitor that he's been hanging onto for years that hasn't been used for almost four years and is unlikely to ever be used again, but he wanted to put in the loft. Well it's too heavy, he can't get it up there himself and I'm no help to him doing it, so it can't go in the loft which means he is going to have to get rid of it. Finally. We're getting somewhere.

What should be the dining room of our terraced home has always just been the computer room as far as we're concerned - we've never had a dining table in there. As time has gone on it's become less a computer room - not least when my computer died and we couldn't afford to replace it - so it's become a kind of home office containing all my work files and folders, as well as our collection of cookery books (of which there are many!) a vast printer and a scanner linked with Daddy P's PC and all our paperwork, filed and unfiled, in piles and boxes around the room. Daddy P finally sorted out the black bin bag of junk that had been sitting on one of the swivelling chairs for over a year while he was off work this week. He insists it hasn't been that long, but I spoke to my mum, and she's convinced it's a year since we did the last big clean up in that room and first put that bag of stuff there for Daddy P to go through and sort out. Anyhoo. It's done now. The majority of it has been thrown away, but the stuff he wants to keep he has piled on top of my stuff still to sort out. Hmm. Looks like I'll still be refining this down a lot more!

Once that's done we're painting the little front bedroom and giving it a freshen up to sort it out to be used as a functioning room again, instead of it being used as a storage room for everything else that doesn't have a home! I got a new clock the other day, I'm very proud of it but Daddy P seems less sure - I don't care, I'm enjoying having fun decorating and choosing bits and bobs! It's going to look fabulous, I can't wait!

Well Daddy P is out tonight and like the one true rebel that I am, I have decided on having a hot chocolate and an early night!

Catch up with you soon,

Mummy P

x x x x

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