Thursday, 15 January 2015

These Boots Are Made For Walking

The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a post from a mummy blogger that I follow about never owning Uggs before, but due to the current weather and her ankles being chilly on the school run she was about to cave in and get some.

I hate Uggs with a passion. Don’t get me wrong, I used to own a pair of the same style boots (not official Uggs, because who can afford those without taking out a mortgage) but I found they made me walk very flat-footed which in turn lead to foot and back pains. I didn’t realise how bad it was until one day I noticed the soles had worn at a strange angle, and when I stopped wearing them and my foot and back pain improved dramatically, I decided not to buy another pair again, whether or not they were warm and cosy.

That was about five years ago. When I next needed new winter boots, I popped into town and found my nearest Shoe Zone store. There I found a gorgeous pair of padded snow boots with fake fur trim, under twenty quid, and when I tried them on I was thrilled to find they easily fitted (I’ve quite thick ankles – more like cankles really – and very often boots are too tight) I wore them to death (quite literally – the zipper grip fell off and the sole wore through) but I got a good lot of wear out of them before they fell apart. In fact it was next winter, and I was so impressed with them I went back to Shoe Zone and got another pair for that winter.

The same thing has happened since. This year I was late in the year buying them – it was the end of November when I went into town and got my snow boots – but they’re so comfy and warm and such a bargain price I don’t mind replacing them after a year. It’s a year of good use, don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I’m only wearing them a couple of times. You’ve also got to bear in mind they cost less than £20 a pair – for the amount of wear I get out of them it’s so worth it. I’ve not got very many pairs of shoes / boots, so once it’s no longer flip flop and ballet slipper weather I’m in my boots until the next time the flip flops and ballet slippers come out.

For Christmas, I got a lovely new handbag and a pair of shaggy boot style slippers – also from Shoe Zone. Yesterday I went into town to get a replacement pair of boots for my work ones which, after many, many years service finally gave it up the other week – and guess what? I found a fantastic pair in Shoe Zone. They fit well, they’re just what I wanted and they don’t cost a fortune.

So when I saw that Tweet about buying Uggs, I told my fellow blogger not to bother – Get some snow boots from @Shoezone, I Tweeted in reply – Miles cheaper and better looking than Uggs. She wrote back saying she was going to have a look – Shoe Zone Tweeted me their appreciation – and suddenly I started realising just how much I had from the shop! As well as my handbag, my slippers, my snow boots and my biker boots, my several pairs of ballet slippers that will be making a come-back in the better weather and my old faithful sparkly flip flops are also from Shoe Zone!

I did Tweet them to say that while I’m not on commission, I believe I should be, since I am literally a walking advert for them … They’ve yet to respond to that! Maybe if they see this I might get next year’s snow boots at a discount … or a new pair of ballet slippers for the better weather!

My comfy feet and I are off now to put J to bed. Have a good evening everyone!


Mummy P


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