Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sick Day

Today should have been my first chance to relax since before Christmas.

It should have been J’s first day back to school and my first day off co-ordinating. I planned to do a big online shop for delivery on Wednesday and some light housework but generally having a bit of a relaxing day.

Instead I was woken shortly after 3am with J climbing into bed next to Daddy P and complaining he had a tummy ache. He snuggled in Daddy P’s arms and we started drifting back to sleep – the next thing I know he’s bolt upright and being sick. Very sick. In the bed.

We cleaned him up, stripped and remade the bed, and around 3.40am we settled back down again. At four he was awake again, being sick again. The same happened every half hour to hour all through til Daddy P got up this morning to go to work. After he left, within half an hour J was sick again three more times, he was very pale and running a temperature. He couldn’t even hold down water. I phoned the school and left a message letting them know that he wouldn’t be in due to the sickness. We cuddled up in my bed and went back to sleep.

At 10 we woke again and J hadn’t been sick again, so we came downstairs and I made him a ‘nest’ on the sofa with a double duvet and a pillow. He cuddled up in it with his Tiger and watched Peter Rabbit. I brought him water and some plain toast but while he sipped at the water he didn’t eat any of the toast.

Mummy's poor little soldier watching Peter Rabbit 

Over the course of the day my poor little soldier seemed to perk up at lunchtime but then things quickly went wrong when his poorly tummy went the other way and we went through four pairs of pyjamas within an hour and a half.

Daddy P brought a bottle of Lucozade home for him and he’s feeling a lot better now – no disasters for the last couple of hours, the colour has returned to him and he’s cooled down to a normal temperature again. I’m so glad, because it’s been very strange today having him being so quiet and still all day! (Very out of character!) On the other side though, the school have a policy where if the kids have had d&v they have to stay off school for 48 hours after the last instance of illness. On this basis the soonest he can go back is Friday, and that’s if he’s OK from now on. He’s had some plain toast, more water and some Lucozade now and so far he’s been fine. I hope for all our sakes he sleeps well tonight, we’re all shuffling around like the living dead today and poor Daddy P had to go to work (mind you he did have a long nap on the sofa last night before we went to bed anyway!)

At least I’m not working tomorrow, and if J is feeling better we’ve got the shopping delivery to sort out and unpack (he loves helping with that) There’s also still a huge amount of laundry to do, and if he’s feeling that much better he can help me with doing some housework. He’s already asked Daddy P if they can take down the Christmas decorations which is a sure sign he’s feeling better! So hopefully they’ll do that tonight and tomorrow we can start getting the house back to ‘normal’ (ha!) after Christmas.

Well I think it’s time to enjoy a moment of relaxation with my frothy cappuccino and a biscuit while I continue watching Back to the Future for the five hundred thousandth time! (* approx.)

Hope your first week back to ‘normal’ after Christmas and New Year madness has been more successful than mine has so far!


Mummy P

x x x

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