Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Today has been a pretty rough day with J not being well. I didn’t sleep well last night and have been running around after him all day when all I really wanted to do after the last couple of crazy weeks was relax a bit. But that couldn’t be helped, because J needed me and that’s what the job description entails.

Anyway due to him being unwell I have piles and piles of washing to be done, and nowhere to hang it. All my life I’ve coped with hanging washing to dry – at my parents house they had long lines in the kitchen and here we have floor standing airers – and I’ve always coped. However never before have I dealt with a 4 yr old suffering extreme d&v.

By the time Daddy P got home from work the third washload of the day was in the machine. Bedding and towels covered both airers and are hanging over doors all round the house. I have two of those things with loads of pegs on that you’re meant to use for socks, and I’m using them to hang pillowcases. Over the curtain poles there are pairs of pyjamas and pants. I still had piles more washing to get through, a bag of washing done and needing to be hung up and a load in the machine. I was stumped what I was going to do about getting it all dry. (and quickly enough as I’d run out of bedding for J)

I posted a status on Facebook to air my frustration and thought no more of it – the next thing I know I’ve got not one but two offers from very lovely ladies who live locally to me offering me use of their tumble drier to help me out, and a private message from one lovely lady saying there was a tumble drier sitting unused in her garage that I could have cheap if it would be helpful. I love how really good friends will come up with solutions like that when you’re really stuck. To make matters even better, her husband even offered to drop it off – love him, he only turned up with it within twenty minutes! I was thinking yeah drop it off tomorrow, but she said no it’ll be tonight, then the next thing was she messaged me saying oh he’s just left! Awesome or what!

So here we are thanks to my lovely friends my evening is less laundry hanging around the house and more clean, warm, dry laundry than you can shake a stick at, and stacks of options even if J’s illness does continue for the next couple of days. We made his bed up earlier on with fresh sheets, I have two sets now on standby, plus pyjamas and at the rate I’m going I might even end up finishing all the washing some time before Christmas 2015! (* maybe!)

Here's to lovely friends!

Off now to make a hot chocolate before bed. Goodnight, all!


Mummy P

x x x

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