Saturday, 1 February 2014

2wayFix & 2wayPearl in Vauxhall Insignia

J often goes out in the car with his grandparents (my parents). Up til now they have been using the Maxi Cosi FamilyFix base. Initially this was in combination with his CabrioFix carseat or their Pebble, and then in combination with their Pearl carseat. We are currently using the new Maxi Cosi 2wayFix base in combination with the 2wayPearl. This combination can be used from six months to fifteen months rear facing. From fifteen months you can forward face the carseat until 105cm (approx. 4 yrs old) or you can continue using the seat rearfacing until 105cm. Under new iSize legislation the requirement is mandatory that the child is rearfacing until 15 months – Maxi Cosi recommend til at least two years. My point of view is that if it can be used rearfacing til 105cm, and we know this is the safest option for travel for children, why not use it?

Grumpa has a Vauxhall Insignia. This is a long, large size family car. The 2wayFix base fits well into the rear seat without any adjustment required for the front seat passenger. The 2wayFix base is longer from front to back of the seat than the FamilyFix base but in this vehicle that does not make a difference. There is no under floor storage in this vehicle, but remember to remove the floor mats and have the front support leg directly against the floor of the vehicle. The 2wayPearl fitted rear facing on the base nicely and there was a good hand gap between the back of the carseat and the back of the vehicle passenger seat in front, even when the 2wayPearl was reclined. The 2wayFix base and 2wayPearl combination is very easy to fit and provides audible noises and green / red light indicators to show correct fitting.  Grumpa likes this feature of the product as it gives him confidence that he has fitted it properly.

L-R: Vauxhall Insignia / J rearfacing in 2wayPearl / Grumpa demonstrates front passenger leg room

When it came to putting J into the carseat we encountered some difficulty. J is on the top end of the scale for using this product, he is 3.5yrs old, 101cm and 15.5kg. The difficulty encountered was not because of the carseat – it was due to the steep slope of the roof of the Insignia, which minimised space for being able to get J into the 2wayPearl in rearfacing position. It made it awkward, but not impossible, and he was quickly in the seat and comfortable. He immediately crossed his legs in front of him, as a child of his age will naturally do.

When we were out in the car, he was high enough to see out the rear window, so he was waving at the people in the vehicles behind us and thoroughly enjoyed a night time cruise through town enjoying looking at the Christmas lights out the window. People seem to think that rearfacing is more likely to make the child carsick – if you find your child suffers carsickness, try using sun visors over the side windows so they can only see out the rear window, as this is less likely to confuse the brain. J has enough space in this seat to be comfortable and safe while rearfacing and when he became bored of looking out the rear window he had a magazine to read and then played with his Leappad for a while, both of which fitted on his lap probably better than if he’d been forward facing, as the angle of the seat made it less likely to slip off his lap. He remained well entertained throughout the journey. I am really impressed with this base and carseat combination. 

These views are entirely my own. I am not paid to write this material and do so in my own time.

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