Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Daily Photo Challenge - 12.01.14


We went to visit Daddy P’s mum and dad today. It was a very chilly and windy afternoon, and J was starting to cough a lot and hadn’t slept well the night before. To get there, we had to go in the car, and I’m very conscious about ensuring the carseat harness is tensioned properly – well, it is my job! So J never wears thick, padded winter coats or snowsuits in the carseat as it means you can’t tension the harness fully against the child. Since it was so chilly today, and he wasn’t feeling well, I wanted to keep him cosy in the car on the way to see Grandma & Grandad.

Some time ago a friend gave me a Thomas the Tank Engine Snunkie to use with J in the pushchairs when he got too big for the footmuffs. The Snunkie not only has a snuggly fleece lining but has Velcro tabs to hold it in place on the pushchair chassis. So instead of fixing it to the pushchair chassis, I fixed it onto the harness hooks on the carset – et voila! Another use for the Snunkie. They really are handy! So I could tension the harness of the carseat correctly against J but he was kept warm enough by using the Snunkie over the top.

We completed his cosy clothing with a grey onesie from Tesco F&F range and a knitted Spiderman hat (handmade by Grandma Parker) and he was a very comfy little boy!

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