Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Daily Photo Challenge - 07.01.14

I am very partial to a cup of tea or coffee. Until my pregnancy with J, it would always be tea for me (strong, white, two sugars / sweeteners) but after my pregnancy I would merrily accept a coffee as a good alternative (weak, white, two sugars / sweeteners) More recently I have been drinking more coffee than tea, but it’s still a standing joke amongst my friends that I am “The Teapot”

Knowing this, one of my mates found me a brilliant mug. Holding a vast 1.5 pints, this “World’s Worst Hangover” mug does me a cup of tea that’ll last over an hour! Though the hangover bit I have only suffered from once since having J (and vowed, as it was such an awful experience, never to do that again!) the size of this mug is fabulous and I think it’s great!

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