Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Daily Photo Challenge - 06.01.14

Our girlie dog, Holly, we rescued on 23rd December 2007. At the time, she was estimated to be approximately 6 months old due to the fact that she appeared to be a Border Collie and around the age of a 6 month old pup due to her size.

As time went on, it became increasingly obvious that she isn’t a pedigree Border Collie and she is clearly mixed with a smaller breed dog – possibly a spaniel, because she has quite curly, thick fur and little triangle ears with corkscrew curls on them. It doesn’t matter to me – she’s a crazy, smelly, pain in the bum but she’s an affectionate little fatty and she’s always so happy to see you and always so grateful for cuddles, she’s one in a million.

Despite the fact we’ve had her for 6 years now she’s not got a lot taller, she’s certainly become plumper (she’s a greedy little madam!) but in comparison to Buddy she’s a lot smaller. I took this photo before going to work for the day – she comes and sits next to me while I have a coffee and listen to the birdsong and generally try and wake up and prepare for my day. She doesn’t breathe very well – she snuffles a lot, we think she had a collapsed lung or something left untreated before we adopted her – and she’s completely nuts, but she’s a loving little addition to our household.

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