Saturday, 7 December 2013

Daily Photo Challenge - Brit Mums

Well this one caused me a great deal of head scratching.


I don't have a fireplace at my house - well, not a nice one anyway, we have a grotty old gas fire that we've never used in six years of living here. Most of the time it doesn't bother me - I don't miss not having a fire - but at this time of year I'm always envious of people who do have a proper fireplace, an open fire, to cosy in front of. There's something so warm and comforting and festive about the thought of decorating the mantle with candles and pine cones, enjoying a festive glass of Baileys in front of the flames while the wind howls and the snow falls outside and you're all curled up in a comfy armchair enjoying the crackle of the flames.

This image shows exactly what I dream of having in my front room every Christmas - and I'm sure J would love it, too. Though the cleaning it out and sorting out the wood each time wouldn't be my favourite task, I think it would be worth it just for a few weeks of the year when I'd want to use it! When Daddy P and I were on honeymoon in November 2006 our cottage had a beautiful fireplace and every night we'd curl up in front of it to watch films and as our bedroom was directly above, it was always lovely and warm in there by bedtime. At home, it's J's room right above the fire, so if it was a proper open fireplace it would make his room nice and cosy which would be lovely as it can get rather chilly in there, particularly first thing in the morning.

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