Saturday, 7 December 2013

Daily Photo Challenge - Brit Mums

For this post I knew exactly what image I'd use.


As the mum of a 3yr old who is like a Tasmanian devil of activity, mischief, curiosity and energy, I don't get much peace. What never fails to amaze me with J is that he's like an Energizer bunny with the batteries removed when he finally does go to sleep - he goes from chattering away and fidgeting like mad to snoring softly, normally cuddled up with a soft toy or two, in thirty seconds flat.

On this particular evening he'd chosen Rupert Bear to cuddle with and go to sleep, as you can see from the image Rupert is nearly as big as J! A gift received for my baby when I was pregnant from one of the ladies I work with, J never paid Rupert that much attention until very recently, and now he and the other bear the same lady gave me (the same size, a black bear with a red ribbon) have become firm favourites for snuggling with at bedtime. 

I took this photo as J looked so peaceful and innocent and it made my heart melt. There are times he drives me completely bonkers, but when he's all cute and asleep and looking as beautiful as this there is no way I could imagine life without him. 

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