Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Beach Fixes Everything

I love this quote, because for me, it’s so true.

I’ve been stressed and harassed and short tempered and irritable for a while, just the usual uphill struggle of being mummy, being wife, being housekeeper, juggling responsibilities of those roles with working, plus I’ve not been getting enough sleep, and I’m having a bizarre allergic reaction to something (it’s been going on for ages now, nothing huge just an intensely irritating angry red rash down my arms and on my chest which itches like crazy, and I’m popping anti histamines and using Benadryl cream but it’s not helping so I think my next step is a visit to the doc)

Today, a last minute decision to go to the beach. Mum was there already, she came over to our house yesterday and since Baby A and I were up so early this morning and it looked like it would be a gorgeous day, I did a couple of hours work first thing then packed a bag, got the boys in the car, and we headed for the caravan to spend the day with mum. After lunch, we drove to the beach, and from the moment I kicked off my sandals and felt the sand between my toes, took a nice deep breath of fresh sea air and listened to the waves crashing and I immediately felt more relaxed.

The beach unfortunately can’t pay the bills, it can’t get rid of this annoying allergy, it can’t stop me getting stressed when I’m asking J to do something for the millionth time, it can’t stop Baby A from waking up six times a night and me being overtired all the damn time, but you know what, it does fix everything. For a few hours this afternoon, with the sun shining, the waves crashing, the sand between my toes, watching J run around like a loon because he had space and freedom to do so, watching Baby A curiously touching and playing with the sand, wiggling his toes in it and giggling happily, I felt fixed. I felt relaxed, I felt calm, I felt content.

I must go back again soon.

Mummy P


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